Weyk’t, Shawna Biron ren skwest (Hello, my name is Shawna Biron); I am a member of Adam’s Lake Band and from the Secwepemc Nation, and I am fortunate to carry Indigenous teachings that have been gifted to me from across the continent. The teachings and my life’s experience combined provide me with the Wisdom to support the reclamation of wellness and move through the process of healing with individuals, families, communities, and systems.

Whether I am in a counselling or health leadership context, my approach is rooted in a post-colonial perspective; I strive to support the reclamation and re-creation of our Indigeneity in the modern contemporary colonial Canadian context. Within this context and by acknowledging our unique Indigenous history, we can reclaim our empowerment and heal to realize the vibrant, self-determining, and healthy individuals, families’, communities, and nations that we are.

About Shawna

I have spent over a decade working with provincial, regional, and First Nations health authority; BC Government; and First Nations within BC. I was an employee with the various health authorities early in my career, but now my work is solely focused on consulting and contracting as a private practitioner. My current work covers strategic planning, program management, project development, direct service mental health counselling roles within a health context.  I have worked across the care continuum from direct service to systemic level legislation, policy, and contracts. While also, I have worked across the health spectrum from primary care, acute, and community settings. One of my biggest strengths is the balance of my experience as a direct service care provider and leadership/management roles, which provides a holistic perspective and integrated understanding of the health care systems and the individual’s experience.


Ph.D. Candidate, Faculty of Social and Applied Sciences/College of Interdisciplinary Studies/Doctor of Social Sciences, Royal Roads University (2020-Current)

Masters in Professional Communication, specialty in intercultural communications, Royal Roads University (2011)

Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University (2015)

Bachelor of Arts Credits in Pschology, Athabasca University (2014) *Upgrading credits for entry into Masters in Counselling Psychology.

Bachelor of Business Administration. Okanagan College (2004- 2010)

BCACC Certified

FNHA Approved Counselling Provider